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WDC Press Release- Elite Sportspersons Entry

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The Board of Directors of the World Dance Council are saddened and distressed to have to report the following information & warning to Members of the Council, its registered Competitors and Adjudicators.

The BOD have been informed that it appears another group or “organization” may be currently misrepresenting its ability to provide legitimate documentation in the form of invitation letters under the UK Elite Sportspersons scheme, on the condition of registering with said Organisation. The inference being that this “letter’ will allow the holder to gain entry to the UK without having to follow the current UK Covid regulations for quarantine or self-isolation prior to Major Dance Competitions.

The WDC cares passionately about all dancers. Moreover we feel that humanity has been through more than enough loss and trauma without further disappointment and potential suffering. We therefore feel, having received numerous complaints and queries from dancers, that it is our responsibility to warn Competitors & Adjudicators that the communication(s) being spread seem not only untrue but if so, totally irresponsible. The consequences of anyone attempting to gain entry to the UK to attend any Dance Competitions erroneously under the Elite Sportspersons scheme could be severe, since currently there are no Dance events recognised by the UK Government per the current list.

Anyone attempting to come to any jurisdiction, not only but also the UK believing that this “letter” will give them legal entry could at best be turned away at the Border (Airport , etc.) and could result in criminal action with heavy financial penalties and/or Prison sentences under the UK Quarantine rules currently in place. It may also restrict that persons’ ability to enter the UK, or any other jurisdiction where attempts may be made on future occasions.Advance payments for flights , accommodation and entry fees would also be lost at a time when all dancers have been severely affected during the Covid Pandemic.

That any collective group, or dance organization would try to take advantage of Competitors & Adjudicators who are desperate to return to the Competition floor by offering false hope to boost its own membership program is , in our opinion, abhorrent . It certainly is not the way a legitimate Governing body would operate. Moreover, the concept that “Elite” can be applied to everyone on a mass coverage is self contradicting.

For your information and to confirm our findings we are attaching the link to the UK government website with the accurate list of recognised Sports events. This list is constantly updated as new events are added.

The WDC Board of Directors